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adminNovember 29, 2021


WordPress 5.9 will be introducing some new features, and they are planning to use a new default theme. According to Josepha Haden’s report, the scope of the WP5.9 update will be in the market on 14th December 2021. According to WordPress, 2021 will see significant releases of WP5.9! It will focus on:

  • Blocks and intrinsic web design
  • Navigation menus
  • Interface for theme.json
  • Refining editing flows for block themes
  • Additional design tools
  • New default theme named Twenty Twenty-Two 
  • 30 or more theme blocks


What’s New in WordPress 5.9?

WordPress 5.8 Tatum and WordPress 5.7 Esperanza are the latest releases of WordPress; with the release of WordPress 5.9 planned for 2021, it’s going to be the third major release. WordPress 5.9 is led by Matt Mullenweg, and Josepha Haden is leading the marketing & communications of the project. More names are yet to be announced. Although, you will get all the details in the new version itself. This article will cover the new features and changes in WordPress 5.9, which we’re all excited about!

Improvements in Full Site Editing

The WordPress team’s primary goal is to make complete site editing available to all WordPress users. A site editor with full-width editing is now general with all your projects. It’s easy to use, intuitive & flexible. In addition, it creates similar blocks for your entire site rather than just posts and pages. Complete site editing has been introduced to WordPress 5.8, but with the release of new version 5.9, it has plans for new and extended changes.

Blocks and Intrinsic Web Design

Pattern & Theme Builders often face difficulty in creating designs responsive to changing content & device layouts. However, it might be possible to solve this without interface complexity with the new version 5.9. 

It’s common to see the block model applied in many design scenarios, which makes it easy for fluid layouts and responsive designs. However, traditional media queries don’t take context into account, which is too strict & inflexible for the designer’s needs.


With the release of their new version, the need for integration to accommodate broader categories of patterns & browsing them is becoming more recognized. The effects it could have are not yet seen but would no doubt be beneficial.

Making the setup and conversion flows in single and multi-block selections easier in patterns is still in the development stage. So it’ll probably take a while until we know how it will affect the system & its features.

Navigation Menus

A navigation block and navigation screen project have been in process for a while, and WP 5.9 is currently working on them. However, a big part of the principal tracking task remains to improve the user experience, decrease complexity, and try many possible themes.

Interface for theme.json

WP5.8 brought in the necessary elements to make themes take over and control how various blocks render and how the interface functions. The next step is intuitively giving users the ability to interact with these styles. CSS is a structural language, and it is essential to understand how this powerful tool can benefit your web page or website layout. When combined with blocks, CSS rules are even more helpful!

Wrapping Up-

Are you ready to take your blog game up a notch? The new version- WordPress5.9, will be here soon to solve your problem! It comes with tons of new features to help you get the best blog possible. And it’s all available in one easy upgrade. WordPress 5.9 seems to be a game-changer with the new features and excellent default theme.